Đàn Guitar Classic Cordoba CP100 Giá Rẻ

Đàn Guitar Classic Cordoba CP100

  • Miễn phí vận chuyển nội thành Hà Nội - TP.HCM
  • Bảo hành chính hãng
  • Đàn đập hộp, nguyên đai nguyên kiện
  • Đầy đủ COCQ ( Áp dụng cho Piano hoặc Guitar trên 30 triệu)

Đàn Guitar Classic Cordoba CP100

When considering your first guitar purchase, you can opt in for a package or a singled out individual instrument. Cordoba’s CP100 guitar pack is a perfect way to get you started on your musical career, carrying an excellent price tag which in no way diminishes the value of the instrument’s sound quality.

The accessories included in the pack are a digital clip-on tuner, a travelling gig bag, an instructional book and chord chart as well as a pair of extra picks – we all know how easy they get lost. Now that we’ve taken care of the extras, it’s time to focus solely on the instrument; The CP100 classical, a slender work of art sporting comfort and playability at its finest.

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Body & Neck

The guitar is shaped in the most typical fashion found on classical guitars. It’s a comfortable, compact solution all the way through affirmed by its Ebonized ABS binding. The instrument’s body has a solid spruce top with an attractive natural satin finish at the back.

The back and sides are made of nato wood material, rounding off the git’s durable body construction. The rosewood fingerboard is attached to its nato neck, hosting 19 frets and MOP offset dot inlays with a 2.04 inches wide composite nut. The neck comes on a scale of 25.6 inches, and the instrument’s overall length is 39.5 inches.

Cordoba CP100 và các phụ kiện đi kèm


The git’s nickel plated tuning machines with pearl buttons are deserving of special recognition, situated on the headstock finishing off the instrument at the top. They provide excellent tonal precision and stability, highlighting the manufacturers’ attention to detail and strive to rise above the competition. This is naturally backed up by its bridge slot, which comes equipped with a typical rosewood material system.


The sound quality coming out of this six-string beauty is at a level that far surpasses its price. There’s a fine line of distinction between 100$ or 150$ gits, and this work of art undoubtedly exhibits this. The D’Addario nylon strings combined with its body construction result in outputting warm, robust-y tones that uphold the values of what a true classical guitar should sound like. You get nothing but excellent, authentic intonation out of this beauty. The strings are magnificently kept in tune, only minor adjustments are needed after a few long play sessions.


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