Amply Fender 300W 6946006900

Amply Fender 300W 6946006900

One of the most powerful and versatile bass amps Fender has ever created
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One of the most powerful and versatile bass amps Fender has ever created, the Super Bassman is a stadium-level 300-watt tube head designed for the biggest shows and the largest stages, complete with enormous Fender bass sound and sparkling vintage Fender looks. Perfect for stage and studio alike, its dual-channel design uses modern technology to maximize classic technology, with classic Fender late-'60s/early-'70s "blackface" styling and a wealth of innovative features on the front and rear panels. 


300 Watts

Tube preamp with two 12AX7s

Power amp with one 12AX7, one 12AT7 and six 6550s

Vintage channel that delivers the full, warm sound of a classic Fender passive tone stack

Overdrive channel that delivers the aggressive and responsive sound of a modern active tone stack

Rear-panel Fender Automatic Bias system that re-biases tubes for perfect performance and alerts you when service is required

Speaker Output switch that can be set to "Mute" to turn speaker off and record silently using preamp


Effects Loop: PreAmp Out / Power Amp In

Inputs: Two

Line Out: XLR (Pre/Post) with Level and Ground Lift

Speaker Jack: Yes

Channels: 2 - Vintage, Overdrive (footswitchable)

Rectifier: SS (Solid-State, Silicon Diode)

Controls: Vintage:


Bass (pull Deep)


Treble (pull Bright)





Hardware Finish: Nickel Corners (Notched)
Cabinet Material Plywood
Pilot Light Jewel: Yes (Remote LED Driven)
Handle: Spring-Loaded Handles
Front Panel: Metal, Painted
Frequency Response: <10Hz - 22kHz (-3dB)
Input Impedance: >820k (INPUT 1), 136k (INPUT 2), 43k (PWR AMP IN)
Output Impedance: 220 ohm (PREAMP OUT)
Sensitivity: 12mVrms (INPUT 1), 1Vrms (PWR AMP IN) @ 100Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 95dB (Power amp), 46dB (Preamp)

Other Specs:

Speaker Impedance: Selectable 8, 4 or 2 Ohms
Pre Amp Tubes: 2 x 12AX7; 1 x 12AX7 + 1 x 12AT7 (Power Amp)
Power Tubes: 6 x 6550
FootSwitch: Vintage 1-button

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